Thanksgiving Dinner update 

As of right now, the 7pm and 9pm seating time is fully booked! There are still 17 spaces available at 5pm. RSVP WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME!


Live- Sunday 2/27 Link @ +ING Attic Daikanyama



■Line up
David Whitaker




〒150-0033 東京都渋谷区猿楽町12-28
tel & fax : 03-6426-0636

Come experience an afternoon of art exhibition, live music performances and interesting people to meet.
I will be performing from around 3 or 4pm

It’s 1000yen entrance fee (cheap considering the event is 8hrs long)

Hope to see you there

2011 plan

I have a goal this year. I am aiming to generate at least 8.5 million yen in revenues this year through Love Made Music and my other art ventures.

For years, I have take the talents that God has given me and had been in hobby-mode with how I carried out the true potential of them. Well it’s a brand new year and I don’t want to be in hobby-mode anymore. I will show and prove my passion and make it shameless.

Item 1- In a Relationship (in production)
It’s all about the interactions we are all involved in as we live and experience life.
It will include songs that have been a part of my live sets for a long time, but never released.

This release will be out before the end of 1st quarter 2011. You’ll be able to download it for ¥500 yen on or get the CD for ¥1000

Item 2- Love Enabled (Brand)
It starts with Tees. Quality prints, original designs, custom creations. I want to make and offer clothes that are statements more so than trends.

Item 3- Street Lives
I’m hitting the streets of Kanto… Maybe even Kansai. Inviting other artists to join me. The goal is personal face time with as many potential fans.

Item 4- Full Expression Music Cafe
It’s still in the developing stages and I look forward to sharing the journey that continues after it opens.
that’s here

I’m available for most collaboration, recording, performing and writing opportunities. Email me from the front page of with your proposal.

You don’t have to help me achieve this goal, just don’t hinder it.

Hobby-mode over.
2011’s Love Made Music is still about love, but God willing, art and business are about to combine