Chemical Reaction Free DL

Chemical Reaction has just released our first project for free download through the label LowHighWho
They put out some really interesting artists and it’s an honor to present you our first official offering this way. Go here:
Download this and share it with your friends.

Thank you in advance from David Whitaker and DJ Tamu


New Music, Lives!

There is New Chemical Reaction music is on 術ノ穴presents HELLO!!! VOL.5 check that out. If you have been reading my scantly posted entries, you know that I have started a vlog called Work en Progress. It’s posted on SocialCam and YouTube. Check that out.

On Sunday, August 26, I will be performing with one of my favorite keyboardists, Yuki Nambu at Scotch Bank in Ginza. We’ll be doing for sets of Jazz standards and some less standard material. The first stage will start from 7pm. Come and see David sing.

More information will be posted as quickly as I get it.

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Be and stay blessed

New Shows announcement

7/5- Premium @ Pink Cow – Shibuya (Live)
7/15 Gamusofest @ Gamuso – Asagaya (Live + Love Enabled)

As I get the full details, I will update as individual posts

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Love Made Music
Love Enabled

Love Made Music update

The HP is soon to be overhauled. I will be working to beautify and simplify it.

In other news…

This Friday (4/27) I will be performing at Tokyo American Club with members of Before Sunset Storys (LaTonya Whitaker and Schanita Simmons-Ramos) and also Jett Edwards.
The event is Still Jammin for Japan

On the Friday (5/4) I’ll be hosting and performing at King George’s Open Mic in Omiya. It starts from 8pm and it’s free.

Finally, on Saturday (5/5) if you are in Kansai, I will be performing at the 2nd annual KMC/ UNICEF charity drive on the Dotonbori riverbank in front of Donkihote 
My time is at 12pm.

All the detailed info is on

Be blessed

Love, Family and

This is the season to reflect on what is important in life.

All year long, we spend time working like crazy. Making music, working day jobs, being slaves and masters of our own destinies. What we sometimes forget are the people who support us, hold us down, keep us grounded and sane.

This is family. I’m not talking about just blood or marriage relationships. I’m speaking about those that build you up, feed you, tell you the truth about you (whether you want to hear it or not) and those that you barely see, but they are with you in spirit and speak well of you to others when you’re not in earshot.

Last night, my wife and I held our annual family gathering. A Thanksgiving party for our family. We don’t know the size of our family, because every year since we’ve been in Japan, God has blessed us to have more and more relationships build.

When we first came to Japan, we had ¥7,000, a few friends to get us on our feet and a church family that provided us with food, home furnishings and community. Me, as a musician, found a community and more family through the Open Mic night @ CoZmo’s.

We’ve been given so many reasons to be thankful, that we can give what we have that is most precious to us…Love.

Without love, actions and words lose meaning.

Without family, love can really be an uncertainty that you chase rather than live out.

From David Whitaker @ Love Made Music let me say I Love You As Family and I thank God for you.