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Purpose: to connect music artists with the audience.
Created as a network of bars/ cafes that are customer and artist friendly. This means that they want to be able to have live music performed for their customers.
*Meaning: the meaning of that term is kinda interesting. to “horu” means “to throw away”. “mon” is short for “mono” which means “stuff”. so, “horumon” literally means, “the stuff you throw away” (like chitlins). working class people in japan learned how to make that stuff tasty.” (thanks Ryan)

The size of the circuit location: enough space for there to be artists and customers.

Artist requirement: Artists need to willing to perform in non-standard environments, be creative and respectful.

Locations may be anywhere. People don’t only live at major stations. Music shouldn’t be held to that limitation either.

Need: Locations to support the circuit.

End of the Line, Room to Grow

On December 9, 2010 Open Mic @ CoZmo’s Cafe will conclude it’s run of almost every Thursday for 6 years. Started by Ronna Fujisawa, the Open Mic has been a place that opened the door for many people to discover themselves, develop their art and be seen by a large audience of people. Many memories will live in the hearts of the people that have visited over the years

The list of hosts include
Andy McKinlay
David Whitaker