Haiku Corner Kick 5/30

One glass of red wine
Each night it goes with dinner
Grape juice works the same

Can I get this now
Sir please wait behind the line
This order is wrong

Cut everything
Onions, peppers, celery
Is this you finger


Haiku Corner Kick 5/28

Turning the book page
Reading endless lines til sleep
Wake up forgetting

Should we go to eat
I know some great lunch specials
What time does school start

Uniform dress codes
Only three outfits a year
Look the same and save

Open Mic Endorsement!

On the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month there is 1 open mic that Tokyo’s good music seeking society should be out to… Premium at Pink Cow. This event is produced by Shux Wun of Music and Strength TV
This event is one that I highly endorse because it is a community building experience. DJs, MCs, Singers, Dancers, Artists and the always beloved audience. There’s something for everyone and for the food-eaters, the food at Pink Cow is quite tasty.

That’s the deal, tell it to your friends. Premium at Shibuya’s Pink Cow is the place to be on 1st and 3rd Thursday nights from 6-11pm

This Thursday(6/2) I will be the feature performance along with my Hip Hop unit, Chemical Reaction. Come out and enjoy the MCs, the ciphers, the DJs, the videos that play, the people to talk to, good food and drink, dance a bit. Join in on a great community experience.

Shux Wun

David Whitaker