Haiku for Japan

This set of Haiku was written by my friends 14 year old son, Paul Bain. He lives in the US, but his words were expressed with an eloquence of understanding.

“Come here my dear friends,
Come one and all to my land,
This haiku’s for you.

The country Japan,
High in knowledge and IQ,
Are now in dark times.

The tsunami came,
And took happiness away,
From the small country.

The empty streets,
The dark and murky waters,
Reins down on them all.

The pain of others,
Whose lives have been swept away,
It is bloody heartbreak.

The country Japan,
Now has sorrow rain on them,
For loves are now gone.

The tears of sorrow,
The sound of the dying souls,
Now cloak the country.

If we join as one,
We shall accomplish all things,
In God we all trust.

Thus shall life return,
And bring back the happiness,
Of our friends at sea.

We shall hear laughter,
And much rejoice returning,
To the streets again.

So come my dear friends,
Come one and all to my land,
Let’s all help Japan.

We shall bring back life,
And all the joys of the world,
To the darkened land.”

Pray for the people in the Tohoku region of Japan.

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