Unlit Fuses

Saturday night, I went to an amazing event at Indian Summer Cafe in Koenji. Great music was performed. Strangers became friends. It was all love. After that came the ride home.

So I’m back at Koenji station, looking forward to a peaceful, slightly crowded ride back into Shinjuku to catch the NoTe to make it home. The train comes and everyone gets on. It was a pretty packed car with the likes of artsy musicians, commuters and bar patrons. I wind up standing beside one guy, I wasn’t sure of his nationality, because I’m don’t check ID. We talk for a second and he seems friendly, I guess. He starts talking to another guy about drinking and Sake. There was no conflict.

As the conversation carries on, the guy that first was talking to me begins to get hostile towards the other guy. I make an attempt to calm him down; this made things worst. He starts turning to me and starts getting hostile. His broken English turns to Japanese then into Nepali native tongue.

A very proud man, he rants on how his father is strong and he’s strong too. He just seemed to boil with rage without cause. He wanted a fight and wanted me to be that fight.

To me, this incident neither warranted fighting or defense.

The guy got worst and worst, louder and louder, pushing me, raising his fist, hitting the bars and grips. Still, he got no will to fight out of me; just a smile.

Before we got to Shinjuku, I tried to minimize the threat to the other passengers by trying to convince him to get off in Ookubo. He didn’t fall for it.
We pull into Shinjuku and this guy still wants to fight. I still don’t know why, but I want to get home.

I’m getting off the train and he decides to try lighting an unlit fuse. I don’t fight without a reason. Most times, I just don’t fight. I try to be a peacekeeper. I will, however, defend myself.

As I step off the train, I hit a sudden stop. This childish guy just pulled my locks.

To those that don’t know, I have dreadlocks; have had them for 10 years now. My locks are like children to me. Mess with them and have an instant problem with me. It may be one of the fastest ways to provoke me to violence.

It took God for me to walk away from giving in and causing utter chaos. I just wanted to get home to my wife and not get deported or jailed for fighting.

I have work to do.

I walked away and the guy followed me to the stairs, so I took the escalator. Got to my other platform and looked across to see this guy was still fuming looking for a fight. I think he saw me across the way and still wanted to fight, so he headed done the stairs.

I took an observation angle near my platform stairs to make sure of whether he was coming up or not… He did. Fortunately, I was able to disappear into the crowd and the train finally came.

All this to say, don’t let anything or anyone control your actions to a negative result. Avoiding trouble does mean walking away; not pacifism, wisdom.

Be blessed